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"If you're passionate about food, you're going to love our wine."

Kevin Cedergreen, Owner & Winemaker

Julie Cedergreen, Owner


Childhood spent on an Eastern Washington orchard taught me the rhythm of nature and the good things that come from it. Picking and eating truly ripe fresh fruit didn’t become extraordinary until I realized how rare that experience was. Harvest was hard work and a crazy good time. Cold, crisp fruit with bright flavors overflowing crates and boxes. Crushing and pressing fruit in an old clanking press, catching ice cold juice off the end of the trough and savoring the flavor that would curl around your tongue and explode through your mouth like spring, summer and fall all at once.


Julie and I make wine that captures that essence of harvest. Awe inspiring fruit, handled with care, short hours from vine to the winery and a light hand combine to create a wine that shows the very best that the fruit has to offer. My experience working in Washington State and New Zealand has exposed me to different philosophies and realities of place, time and terroir. This has resulted in an integration of New World styles in one wine, Cedergreen Cellars. Food friendly, fruit forward with bright flavors and respect for the earth it comes from. I love this wine.



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