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Seattle Met November 2018 Wine Pick

Heard It Through the Decades-Old Grapevine

Cedergreen Cellars Old Vine Chenin Blanc Columbia Valley 2016 $19

Chenin blanc made from old vines is becoming increasingly rare in Washington as its grapevines are replaced by more profitable varieties. Goodbye, vinous history. This wine from Cedergreen Cellars stands as a testament to what we’re losing: enchanting aromas of apple, honeycomb, and pineapple that lead to dry, textured flavors. Pair it with a hearty Thanksgiving spread. —Sean P. Sullivan

SEATTLE MAGAZINE - November, 2018

Oyster New Year Offers Up Tasty Wine Pairings

"I headed straight to Cedergreen Cellars, where winemaker Kevin Cedergreen was pouring his lovely Sauv blanc, Chenin and the beguiling red blend, Thuja. (Which I returned for later in the evening.) The whites were so spot on with the oysters."

Cedergreen Cellars 2016 Chenin Blanc, $19


The aromas draw you into the glass, with notes of honeycomb, apple and the underside of a pineapple. It drinks dry, with a textured feel to the pineapple flavors. Yum.

Cedergreen Cellars 2017 Viola Rose', $16


A pair of acid-driven reds that tend to do well as rosé — Gamay Noir and Cabernet Franc — are made into a Provence-style field blend by Kevin Cedergreen. The Gamay (60%) from Skyline Vineyard in the Yakima Valley and  Cab Franc from Melody Lynne Vineyard in the Yakima River Canyon were co-fermented into a refreshing drink. Clean aromas of red currant, strawberry-rhubarb compote and quince make their way into flavors of white peach, quince and apricot. While light on its feet and bone-dry, the return of currant in the back makes for a lovely finish. Enjoy with a fruit plate, smoked trout or a ham sandwich.

Cedergreen Cellars 2015 Gamay Noir, Columbia Valley, $25


Kirkland vintner Kevin Cedergreen pulls from Skyline Vineyard, a higher-elevation site in the Yakima Valley, for this youthful and gorgeous Gamay Noir. Tantalizing aromas of strawberry-watermelon candy, red currant, violets and buttered popcorn lead to high-toned red fruit notes of strawberry-rhubarb compote and Montmorency cherry. The lovely midpalate comes with a pinch of cherry pipe tobacco and lavender. Its veritable absence of tannin makes it an ideal pairing with Thanksgiving table fare, lamb or salmon. Seek their wines at grocers with wine stewards such as Central Market, PCC, QFC and Whole Foods as well as bottle shops and Puget Sound-area wine lists. This earned a gold medal on its way to a best-of-class award at the 2018 SavorNW Wine Awards on Cannon Beach.

GREAT NW WINE Review- Jan 2, 2018

Cedergreen Cellars 2016 Sauvignon Blanc, Columbia Valley, $17


"Considering that he worked two harvests in New Zealand, it’s almost natural that Kevin Cedergreen developed into one of Washington’s top producers of Sauvignon Blanc. Solstice Vineyard, a historic Yakima Valley site established in 1980, and Meek Vineyard combine for yet another extraordinary offering by the Kirkland vintner. It’s oak-free, allowing for a full and bright expression of kiwi, lime and grapefruit with Granny Smith apple and grassiness. The Cedergreens don’t operate a tasting room, but they more than doubled production in 2016, so it should be even easier to spot their distinctive red square at wine shops, restaurants and grocers with wine stewards such as Central Market, PCC, QFC and Whole Foods. Enjoy with crab, oysters, scallops, shrimp or Swedish potato sausage."

GREAT NW WINE Review- Nov13, 2017

Cedergreen Cellars 2015 Old Vine Chenin Blanc, Columbia Valley, $19


"Kevin and Julie Cedergreen deepen their long-term devotion to the Loire Valley and Chenin Blanc with this production from historic Solstice Vineyard near the Yakima Valley town of Prosser, Wash. Barrel fermentation and partial malolactic fermentation leads to aromas of caramel and vanilla with hints of a sugared almond cookie. It’s full-bodied on the entry of crème brûlée before the zippy transition to pineapple, lemon and lime zest. Suggested pairings include shrimp in a cream sauce and mussels in coconut milk sauce. These Kirkland vintners have earned placement at wine shops, restaurants and grocers with wine stewards such as PCC, QFC, Central Market and Whole Foods."




SILVER MEDAL WINNER - 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon

SILVER MEDAL WINNER - 2015 Chenin Blanc



SILVER MEDAL WINNER - Cedergreen Cellars 2008 Merlot

LUXE MAGAZINE - July, 2013

"Splash a bit of summer into your glass with Cedergreen Cellars’ Viola rosé. Priced at $16."


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Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition


2013 Winner - 2011 SAUVIGNON BLANC

2012 Winner - 2010 SAUVIGNON BLANC
2012 Finalist - 2010 CHENIN BLANC
2009 Winner - 2007 SAUVIGNON BLANC


California, Oregon and Washington wineries were invited to submit their best “oyster wines”, typically dry, crisp, clean-finishing white wines. 124 wines (CA 72, OR 26, WA 26) were submitted this year. In both the Preliminary and Final Judgings, each wine is blind tasted with at least one Kumamoto oyster. Wine judges normally approach a wine by first smelling it, but here, judges are asked not to smell the wine before tasting the oyster so as not to form an impression of the wine before the oyster. Judges chew the oyster well so its various oceanic flavors go to every part of the palate, then smell and sip the wine rating the “bliss factor”. Judges look for a wine that doesn’t get in the way of the next oyster, so a crisp clean finish.


Judging scores from the three cities are combined to determine the 10 equal 2013 “Oyster Award” winners. Judges selected one Oregon, two Washington and seven California wines including a dry Riesling, a dry Chenin Blanc, two lively refreshing Pinot Gris, and five crisp Sauvignon Blancs. “We are happy to see a clean-finishing style of wine emerge that oyster lovers recognize and appreciate”, says Taylor’s Jeff Pearson.


2009 West Coast Oyster Wine Winner


After four tiers of judging, 132 wines entered in the 2009 Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition, five Washington, three California and two Oregon wines have selected as equal winners of the 2009 “OysterAward”. Wines are judged blind with Kumamoto oysters. Judges chew the oyster well, smell and taste the wine and then rate the “bliss factor”. Final Judgings were held April 21 at the Water Grill in Los Angeles, April 22 at Sutro’s at the Cliff House in San Francisco, and April 23 at Anthony’s Home Port at Shilshole Bay in Seattle. Scores from the 41 oyster-loving judges …food and wine media, restaurateurs, retailers and oyster growers…in the three cities were combined to select the 2009 winners. Not many wines go with oysters, a vibrant combination of minerals, sweetness and the sea. That is why oyster lovers are eager to learn which wines will receive the prestigious 2009 “Oyster Award”.

SEATTLE MAGAZINE - November, 2012

"Of Course," Shannon Borg


"In the winter, Northwest oysters are incredibly good, so i like to have a very crisp, dry white available to highlight these lovely, ice-cold gems that taste of the sea. A bright, crisp Chenin Blanc, such as the 2010 from Kirkland's Cedergreen Cellars, is a great pairing..."


"Eat & Drink, Tasting Notes: Shannon's Picks"


Cedergreen 2007 Thuja, Columbia Valley, $25: "A blend of Merlot (80 percent) and Cabernet Sauvignon (20 percent), this wine is lower in alcohol and higher in acidity than most Cab/Merlot blends, which makes it a great wine to have on the table."


Cedergreen 2010 Chenin Blanc, Columbia Valley, $17: "Cedargreen's Chenin Blanc is a Top Ten Choices in Jon Rowley's Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition. This wine has intense citrus and ginger notes and a fresh acidity that cleanses the palate."


WINE PRESS NW - January, 2012

Cedergreen Cellars 2010 Spring Creek Sauvignon Blanc, Columbia Valley


Kevin Cedergreen devotes much of his retail efforts to Puget Sound restaurants, and you’ll find this white a delicious match with seafood and Asian influenced cuisine. His expression with Spring Creek Vineyard fruit from near Benton City, Wash., opens with aromas of green apple, vanilla and spice. What follows are flavors of papaya, apple and a touch of lemon on the crisp and lingering finish. (1,042 cases,13.8% alc.)


Cedergreen Cellars 2008 Thuja, Columbia Valley


Kevin Cedergreen left a career in landscape architecture for the world of wine, but he pays tribute to his past by naming this blend of Merlot(80%) and Cabernet Sauvignon for a Latin name for cedar trees. The pronunciation rhymes with “sue yah”and the fruit from Conner Lee, Clifton Hill and Klipsun vineyards produced notes of black cherry and cassis with rewarding acidity and a hint of — would ya believe — Tennessee red cedar? (501 cases, 14.3% alc.)

CORK DORK - January, 2012

Wine Pick of the Week: 2009 Cedergreen Sauvignon Blanc, Columbia Valley


Owner and winemaker Kevin Cedergreen learned to make wine in Washington state and New Zealand. His 09 Sauvignon Blanc blends classic expressions of Washington Sauvignon Blanc and New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. He captures the citrus (pink grapefruit, Meyer lemon), stone fruit (mangos, apricots) and tropical fruit (guava, star fruit) of Washington state Sauvignon Blanc and a touch of grassiness classic to New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. About 5 percent Semillon gives this wine a touch of weight.The pink grapefruit and lemon zest acidity balances a fatty white fish dish such as the smoked sturgeon served with chard and leeks at Cantinetta Bellevue. The grassiness of the wine brings out the flavors of the chard and leeks.

SEATTLE MET MAGAZINE – "Foodie Getaways", July, 2011

Caswell will order for this year‘s dinner; he plans for about a bottle per person. He serves Cedergreen Cellars, he says, because the winery has “a good grasp on both acidic whites and red wines that are full bodied with some acid. They pair nicely with food.

SEATTLE MAGAZINE - "Tall Cold Ones", June, 2011

Viola Rose wine at Cedergreen Cellars. A pretty wine made in Grandview, WA with lots of early summer fruit – strawberry, rhubarb – and a clean mineral finish. 

JEFF COX - PCC Beer & Wine Merchandiser, July 2010

Kevin Cedergreen is among the growing number of Washington winemakers who “get it.” Think old world sensibilities — balance, harmony, finesse —with a way our west élan — part adventurer, part beat poet. Which is great when you’re thirsty, for a crisp,clean, rather racy, but nonetheless well-mannered glass of sauvignon — bursting with juicy, ripe, tangy starfruit and citrus aromas and flavors. Add a note of wild things blown on the breeze… chill, pour, sip, repeat.

BEYOND THE BOTTLE - September, 2009

Cedergreen Cellars 2007 Sauvignon Blanc


Last April at Taste Washington, I had the opportunity to meet Kevin Cedergreen and try some of his wines. Cedergreen’s booth was my flrst stop of the day and ended up being one of the more memorable. Not only was I taken with Kevin’s riesling, old vine

chenin blanc, and sauv blanc, but I really enjoyed hearing Kevin tell his story about how he became a winemaker.


Following Kevin’s suggestion, we paired his sauv blanc with a grilled King salmon Ceasar salad. On the eyes, the Cedergreen was a light yellow/green color. On the nose, it had a slight hint of green grass followed by melon and mineral notes… (and on) the palate, it offered bright acidity and a clean finish… And I am eager to pick up a bottle of Kevin’s smaller production chenin blanc and riesling before its gone.

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE - International Wine Competition, February, 2009

COMPETITION (The biggest in the U.S.)
SILVER AWARD: Cedergreen Cellars Chenin Blanc 2008
GOLD AWARD: Cedergreen Cellars Thuja 2006


COMPASS WINES - Washington State 5 Best White Wines of the Year, January, 2009

Cedergreen Cellars Dry Chenin Blanc 2008 


Another throwback to the ‘80‘s, Chenin Blanc is largely forgottenin this state, pity. This has essence of dried raspberry, rose petaland tart cherries. Delicious with our local shellfish and should helpto put this grape back on the map. 

AMBASSADOR OF WINE - January, 2009

2007 Cedergreen Cellars Old Vine Chenin Blanc


Perhaps the most interesting white wine in Washington State.Onthe nose, youthful, medium+ intensity, funky sea shell character,white flowers, light mineral component, apple, pear, honeydew,not earthy in any way, not oaky either although there is acreaminess. On the palate, dry, medium intensity, a profoundorange cream soda quality, impressive floral aromatics, and a nicefinish. One ofthe most complex and interesting whites l‘ve had in a while, and under $15.

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