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Living among the vineyards gives me the contact with the vines and grapes that is essential to my vision. Working with the best growers, constantly walking my rows, tending clusters, leaf stripping, giving the hours to my fruit that is so vital to the wine. 


This immaculate attention combined with the selection of cool weather sites and varieties that excite my palate makes for wine that balances the unctuous with bright flavors, dark fruit and spice. Enjoy these wines with dinner and the day.     


Cedergreen_Frizzante_Bottle_no reflect.png

Pét-Roc frizzante - Sparkling Wine

A secret subterranean cuvée made from sparkling Chenin Blanc with more minerality than Tourraine tuffeau . Barrel fermented, stirred and stored on the lees for 10 months. Serve well chilled for 2 Bars of spanking, sparkling fun. 5 grams of dosage puts us in an Extra Brut state of mind. We love this wine. Enjoy!



Pet-Roc Rose frizz_edited.png

PÉT-ROC ROSÉ- Sparkling Wine

A bracingly pink cuvée of 80% Gamay Noir and 20% Cabernet Franc leaps from the glass with aromas of tart raspberries and cherries, stones and just a flutter of violets. A scintillating mousse, pairs wonderfully with richly buttered popcorn, creamy feta or cured fish. A luxurious sardine on a skewer a surprisingly perfect companion!

We love this wine. Enjoy!



THUJA - Red Wine Blend

The spirit of a warm fall day, the feel of the sun on your face and a walk through a vineyard are braided together in the shiver of wine that slips over your palate. The soul of this Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blend is black cherries and berries, toast and jam while the sun and the earth are at its heart. We love this wine. Enjoy!





Our Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from a single vineyard, focusing on bright fruit expressions with subtle toasty notes. This makes it a fine partner for a mixed grill or pasta bolognese. lt’s also great with a pepperoni stick and pork rinds. Enjoy!






Whipping boy or muse, sinner or saint. Merlot is the way of wine. Subtle power, spice and aromatics transport you from the table to the land. Dark fruit, dust and a dry breeze spiral over the palate, beginning a conversation that will last for years.




Delicate tannins and a silky, smooth mouthfeel along with vibrant expressions of youthful fruit, reminiscent of bright crushed strawberries and raspberries as well as deep floral notes of lilac and violets. Pair with animal, vegetable, mineral - roast turkey, salmon, lamb.


93 Points

A brace of aromatic black currant, pomegranate, with a smudge of sage.  Articulated  tannins make your backbone slip. Infinite now intimate. August promised.


93 Points
Great NW Wine

Mouthwatering perfume of raspberries alongside pebbles washed clean by pure summer rain. Subtle and complex, perfect. Cabernet Franc is the campfire, stare into it and reflect.

Pair with chicken curry, lamb kofte, or cheese and spinach quiche. Also great with goat cheese.



96 Points



Our Viola Rosé is a blend of 50% Gamay Noir and 50% Cabernet Franc - a delicious treat of fresh summer fruit. Perfect on a warm evening with your peet propped up. No shirt or shoes required. Viola is fine company for a fruit plate, cold chicken salad or smoked trout. It's also great by itself. Enjoy!





Dry, brilliantly crisp and clean with juicy lemon, apricot and nectarine flavors. Think shrimp, scallops, crab and oysters sizzling over a wood fire, an icy cold glass of Sauvignon blanc a fine partner. 




A fabulously aromatic wine - light and lithe with aromas of lemon, starfruit, and clover enveloping structured minerality. This wine benefits from drinking at the ideal 55 degree temperature.



Floating on air and water, our dry Chenin Blanc balances minerality with aromas of D'Anjou pear and Jamaican ginger. Piercingly fresh yet succulent, this wine pairs well with Dungeness Crab and grilled fish. Hand harvested, hand sorted, stored and stirred on the lees to promote mouth feel and creaminess. 


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