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Cedergreen Cellars

If you are passionate about food, you are going to love our wine.


A warm fall day, aromas of grapes drift through the vineyard as you walk the rows. The wind from pheasant wings pounds against your chest. Harvest promised.


Splash an icy cold sip of white wine between your lips, like your first kiss, over and over again.


Celebrate as bubbles carry aromatics past your nose and consciousness, settling over your palate in a scintillating aura.


We have reached back into our cellar collection to bring you wines that showcase how wonderfully Washington wines evolve from primary fruit flavors to tertiary notes of tobacco, tannins, and minerality. Wine is a living thing – it changes with time and becomes even more interesting and complex. These wines have been stored under optimal cellar conditions at 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

What's Happening at Cedergreen Cellars?

We have special events happening all the time. Visit the events page to see what’s new.

What makes Cedergreen Cellars?

Chat with your neighbors, pet your dog, drink wine!