Owners and the Winemaker

Kevin & Julie Cedergreen

The promise is the bright perfection of luscious, soul satisfying juice from the vineyard. Savoring flavors that curl around your tongue and explode through your mouth like spring, summer and fall all at once. If you’re passionate about food, you’re going to love our wine. Life as I’ve lived it, as we enjoy it.

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You asked...

we answered

Why do we make wine?

It’s the excitement of harvest, cradling nascent flavors and creating a vignette that grows into a portrait with depth and definition. The piece of art you believe in. Wine has the most vivid, complex, and intricate of palettes. You can win, you can lose,  but you persevere for a vision. Great stuff,  that agony and ecstasy!

What is the meaning behind the Red Square?

Red is Energy, courage, and beauty.

The Square is the foundation.
It represents strength and truth,
symbolic of the four directions,
four winds, four seasons.